design philosophy

Our practice includes the design and planning of both public and private buildings. Public and private buildings are a statement about the people and the community and/or organizations they serve. We strongly believe that well-conceived environments enhance the efforts of businesses, organizations and individuals to reach their goals and to live happy and fulfilling lives.

We seek to honor the best of timeless building traditions while embracing modern building technologies. Our design philosophy centers around two fundamental architectural ideas. One is to use the building and the intrinsic value of the site to make a meaningful place and secondly, to design the building to respond to the context of climate and culture. Our design strength lies in our ability to synthesize these two ideas while paying special attention to the craft of assembling building materials and technologies.

Creating places with character and that "feel" right to the user, is one of the aspirations of our firm. The various interests and different needs of our clients inspire us to an ever-growing range of architectural expression and keeps the design process exciting for us. In every project, our intention is to provide a service that exceeds our client's expectations.

Collaboration and Consensus Building

Since much of our work involves public funding, we have learned that certain responsibilities come with public work. We encourage public input as it enriches the design and makes it truly representative of the community it serves. Working with advisory committees and citizen groups is a rewarding experience. We do not believe public buildings need to be institutional in appearance or function. All public buildings should contribute in some positive way to their communities. Our interactive process is applicable to private clients as well and our collaborative way of working leads to very successful projects.