The firm is organized so emphasis is placed on direct principal involvement in all phases of the work. All project teams are organized around three primary individuals in the firm, Robert Coffee (Principal and Lead Designer), Reginald Wilson (Project Architect) and Laura Converse (Project Manager/Designer). Additionally, each project team includes in-house technical and management staff as well as the appropriate outside consultants to provide the total range of experience necessary to service the client's needs and goals.

Robert Coffee, Principal-in-Charge: Robert R. Coffee has over 45 years experience in all phases of architecture, interior design and planning. He has been Senior Designer, Project Architect and Principal-in-Charge of various project types from office buildings to educational and municipal buildings. He has had extensive experience in the design of civic and community buildings, particularly libraries and senior/community centers. He is known for his ability to work with community citizen groups and managing the public consensus building process for creating responsive community buildings.

Reginald Wilson, Project Architect: Reginald A. Wilson has over 36 years experience in all phases of architecture with emphasis on the preparation of construction documents, project management and construction administration. Mr. Wilson's attention to detail is invaluable to the development of the bid documents required by the competitive bidding process of public projects. During the Construction Administration phase, Mr. Wilson's efforts are focused on the contractor's correct interpretation of the construction documents and minimizing change orders.

Laura Converse, Project Manager/Designer: Laura Converse has over 19 years experience in all phases of architecture, interior design, planning, and construction document preparation. Ms. Converse's combination of design and management skills enables her to function in different roles depending on the size and the type of project. Her ability to see the big picture, evolve design ideas, manage schedule and budget and keep the focus on detail makes her an invaluable team member throughout the entire design and construction process.


Our studio is a small close family. We all share a passion for architecture and a desire to always look for ways to improve ourselves. We understand that our individual talents and interests complement one another and in the "team" lies our strength. We are all personally committed to exceeding our client's expectations and we take immense joy in the creative relationship we are able to share with them.