Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates

Mission Viejo Library
Story-Time Room Remodel

Originally functioning as a community meeting room, this 1,200 SF space was re-purposed to accommodate the growing children's story-time reading program at the Mission Viejo Library. Conceived as a living diorama and informed by the rich agrarian history and Mexican-American heritage of Orange County, several iconic elements were used to create a story-time room rich in character and designed to stimulate the imaginations of young children. The Mission, the Tree, the Orange Groves, the Mountains and Foothills, the Arroyo and Waterfall, the Sun, Moon and Clouds help set the stage for "Stories from the Rancho" and "Whisperings from the Waterfall".

Huddled at the door of the Mission in the shade of the old tree, the children listen in delight as the story-teller leads their imaginations on a journey transporting them to the past and into the future. The sun peaks over the mountain ridge, the air is full of the fragrance of orange blossoms, the clouds dance overhead and the soft cool grass beneath their feet comforts them.

Location: Mission Viejo, CA

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