Robert R. Coffee Architect + Associates

Los Angeles Library "Teen'scape"

In an effort to “de-institutionalize” the Young Adult area of the recently relocated and enlarged “Teen’scape” space at the downtown Central Library the new design attempts to combine aspects of education and entertainment to create an “education arcade.”  Interviews were held with various teen user groups to program the space to their needs.  Bold use of playful forms, color and graphics are used to create a contemporary environment that does not feel like a library, but rather a large social hall.  Specific needs were addressed by including a “cyber-space” café with computer booths for use by 3-4 people, semi-private study rooms for use by 4-8 people, semi-private study booths for use by 1-2 people, a large living room with casual furniture and a large video screen for movies and a school gallery to exhibit student projects.

Location: Los Angeles, CA



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